Day: July 8, 2009

  • Happiness of Pain

    …not everyone can relate to happiness or joy. Some may even despise you for having something they can’t seem to attain. Many don’t feel deserving of such “pleasures”. PAIN is something that everyone can relate to…

  • Who Are You?

    You wake up one day and you don’t remember a thing. Who you are, where you’re from, or what you’re supposed to be doing. Your family, friends, and acquaintances try to remind you of who you were. In fact, they expect it. The uneasiness grows as you question yourself, your identity, and the meaning…

  • Always Fill The Void

    The universe seems to abhor “Non-Change”. Generally speaking, one must be in motion; moving, changing, interacting. Stillness allows us to “capture” the moments and reflect on what is. But life is about “motion”, “dynamism”, “change”, “conversion”, “interaction”, “intercourse”, “Mixing”, “Unmixing”, “breaking down”, “building up”… eg. Still water tastes stale. Running water is alive. A cup […]

  • People Can Suck

    People never fail to amaze me.. Their hypocrisy, self-delusion, self-righteousness, and their utter greed. What happened to integrity, honouring one’s word, and acting beyond reproach? I’m not referring to the obviously ‘wretched’ individuals that are easy to spot, but the feigning do-gooders …

  • Life is What You Make It

    Life is like a roll of toilet paper. You never know what’s gonna hit ya. If you’re a pessimist, you’d think that more often than not, you’re always getting shit on and then flushed down the toilet…. A brand new roll of toilet paper is so full, so clean and pure. It can be used […]

  • Just Let Go

    We hold on to ‘life’ to strongly… Observe the animal kingdom. Take the lion for example. It’s strong and vibrant in youth, powerful in it’s prime, and then sadly dies of starvation, disease, illness, injury or other horrific death. To find itself being eaten by it’s own kind, by a Hyana, or some other carniverous […]

  • Do Not Abdicate Responsibility

    Do Not Abdicate Responsibility Prayer is a form of abdicating responsibility. Religious beliefs aside, once you “pray” for certain situations, scenarios, outcomes or guidance, you are then shifting personal responsibility to someone or something else. Especially, when you claim that “someone” or “something” else told you to choose XYZ, you have selected to NOT make […]

  • You Are A Work of Art

    Art is an expression of yourself. A limited, crude external representation of your thoughts, feelings, fears, hopes and desires. A self-expression of what’s inside, manifesting outwardly. But should “art” be limited to a two dimensional canvas or a 3 dimensional sculpture? Isn’t the ultimate expression of art, life itself, which you live and breathe? Aren’t […]

  • Let’s Feel Good

    It appears that everything we do in life is for the purpose of making ourselves ‘feel good’. Call it what you want, whether it’s inner peace, happiness or joy, it comes down to just ‘feeling good’ NOW. Think about it for a moment. How do we do this? Whether you enjoy watching sports, eating, being […]

  • Korean People in the Philippines

    Korean people in the Philippines learning English? baffling..