Day: July 11, 2009

  • Cutest Baby Girl

    Is she the cutest baby girl you’ve ever seen?  I think so… Thanks for writing in, your responses have been tremendous… Our audience agrees!  She is the cutest girl! …. Its so cute. That is the CUTEST baby girl i ever saw . God bless her beautiful face What Do You Think? Its P-E-R-F-E-C-T PERFECT […]

  • Cutest Baby Boy

    Is this the cutest baby boy?

  • Super Protein Hot Noodle

    Super Protein Noodle “A Delicious Noodle Dish That Is Simple To Make, and Fast!” Officially Formulated on 8/5/04 Super Noodle packed full of protein, vitamins, Omega 3, and other good stuff! This is a really simple recipe.  It’s really healthy and packed with protein and vitamins.  I usually eat it at night or on cold […]

  • The ET Super Protein Food Diet

    The ET Super Protein Healthy Diet Recipe Formulated on 2/20/05 “Healthy Diet and Exercise Should be a Regular Part of Your Life…” Zero Carbs – Super Healthy Diet The ET Super Protein Pancake/Waffle can be eaten and cooked in a few different varieties.   The benefit of this recipe is clear.  High in healthy protein, vitamins, […]

  • Bacon Fish Salsa Special!

    Bacon Fish Salsa Special! “A Delicious Fusion of Bacon and Fish – Easy to Prepare Too!” Formulated on 3/16/05 This is a really simple meal that combines great tasting bacon and healthy fish.   It really is simple to make.  The dish consists of bacon, fish, rice and your favorite mexican salsa. Keep your kitchen […]

  • 100 Luxury Sites 2007

    Best of 2007 Lists (the definitive meta-list by Fimoculous) Master List of Online “Best of 2007″ Music Lists (a meta-music list by LargeheartedBoy) Updates to the Master List of Online “Best of 2007″ Music Lists (updates to #2 by LargeheartedBoy) 40 Best Raps of 2007 (top hip-hop tracks by CocaineBlunts) 15 Best Candies of 2007 […]