Super Protein Hot Noodle

Super Protein Noodle
“A Delicious Noodle Dish That Is Simple To Make, and Fast!”
Officially Formulated on 8/5/04

Super Noodle packed full of protein, vitamins, Omega 3, and other good stuff!

This is a really simple recipe.  Its really healthy and packed with protein and vitamins.  I usually eat it at night or on cold days.

This is a really simple recipe. It's really healthy and packed with protein and vitamins. I usually eat it at night or on cold days.

This is a really simple recipe.  It’s really healthy and packed with protein and vitamins.  I usually eat it at night or on cold days.

Why is it so good?
#1 – It tastes great!
#2 – It’s great for you! Why? Packed with spinach, egg whites, walnuts and tofu!   Packed with vitamins, and healthy protein!
#3 – It’s simple and fast to prepare!

Each of the ingredients below serve either to add great nutrition or to add key flavor.

What you need:
1. Noodle Package (Korean hot noodles are my favorite)  Comes in a pack with some spices.
2. Spinach (a couple of handfuls of baby spinach) – Cuz spinach is great for you!
3. Egg Whites ( 3-5 eggs)
4. Tofu (half a portion)
5. Garlic powder or crushed garlic
6. Pepper powder
7. White Vinegar
8. Walnuts (crushed preferrably, or in paste format – although whole walnust are ok too) – Why walnuts? well, it’s packed w/ Omega 3 and it adds something to the flavor of the noodle that makes it taste nutty and great!
9. Green onions (cut and diced to your liking)
10. Jalepeno peppers (to add some zest!) * optional

Cooking and Preparing Instructions:
. Get a pot, boil some water.
. Place the following ingredients in the pot immediately (healthy amount of baby spinach (at least 2 handfuls), tofu, a few dashes of white vinegar, a few dashes of pepper powder & garlic powder (whole garlics or ok too), walnuts, handfuls of green onion, and the pouch ingredients that came with the noodle pack) – Quantity of each ingredient is really up to you.  If you enjoy spicy, throw in some slices of Jalepeno peppers.
. Bring to a nice boil – boil for about 5min and give all the ingredients to mix and mesh well.
. Add the noodles.  Let it boil for another 1 min.
. Add the egg whites (from about 3-5 eggs is what I like).
. Let the dish simmer or a while w/ the flames turned off.
. Taste the soup base and see if it’s to your liking.
. There should be a good amount of soup left over.  If you cook it too long or don’t have enough water included, you’ll end up w/ dry noodles, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  It has it’s own appeal.
. If you need more “soup base” add more water or add soy milk.  Soy milk adds a nice rich thick flavor. I like it!

I usually like to eat my noodles with Korean Kimchi or pickled radish (yellow color).   Adds a nice cooling element to your dish besides the hot noodles.
* Also try adding sesame seed or sesame oil.  Adds a nice flavor.  Any of the ingrediants above can be tinkered with to your liking.  I feel the most essential ingredents are the basic noodles, spinach and egg whites.  As you’re adding the spinach, you may think it’s alot, but once it gets absorbed into the noodle dish, it really doesn’t add up to much.  It also adds a nice juicy vegetable element to your dish.

Other cooking variations and Ideas:
. Use soy milk as part of the soup base.
. Use any kind of juice (orange, banana/pine/orange) as part of the soup base – gives it a nice SE Asian flavor.

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