Month: August 2009

  • Researchers Conclude That Women Are More Open to Men During The Peaks of their Menstrual Cycle

    Something quite obvious… Here’s the Article: Researchers Answer: When should I ask her out? Women’s behavior towards men or sexual interest across the menstrual cycle have been studied previously. For first time, researchers in France have tried to find the change in women’s receptivity to an explicit courtship solicitation across different phases of the menstrual…

  • Market Prognostication

    Market is up today on better than expected employment Numbers. What could make the market go higher?  More cheap money from the government.  If not, the market should see a correction.

  • New Mouseblisters – Super Mouse Grips

    Everyone checkout the new super mouse blisters at  These are super mousegrips that you apply onto your mouse. They apply easily to any location; self-adhesive. This is a great product for anyone who uses their computer ALOT.  This means everyone who’s working in a modern office today needs to consider this product. It’s $8.99…