You Need to Sleep

. Sleep is a biological need. No way to get around this
. The process of sleeping allows your short term memory and learning to get seeded into the long term portion of your brain
. Without proper sleep, you will not function at 100% brain capacity. You will make errors, you will make mistakes, you will not be at your best.
. Much like rebooting your computer or phone, you need to reboot every night, about 7 to 9 hours. The more creative you are, the more sleep you need. The younger you are, the more sleep you need. The more exercise you do, the more sleep you need.
. Cheating sleep is like NOT eating a proper diet. It WILL affect your life. You just can’t detect it materially.
. IQ drops w/o proper sleep. Skills and creativity drop w/o proper natural sleep.
. Learning and retention of what you’ve learned in your day deteriorates w/o proper sleep.
. Long term health is affected w/o proper sleep.
. Lack of proper sleep increases your chances of gaining weight, increasing stress, later onset cancer, diabetes and stroke.
. Repeat — Sleep is a biological need, there is no way to cheat sleep. You only cheat yourself.

Ways to Sleep Better
. Sleep around the same time every night
. Wake up around the same time every morning (8 hours)
. If you find yourself not falling asleep, try tapping your fingers one by one and counting, and slowly, slowing down your count… you will fall asleep. Tap as you count. Increase the length between each count.
. Sleep in a cool, dry, quiet, DARK room.