Most Nutritious Foods

Here’s my painfully researched list of the best foods to eat for your health’s sake!  Eat the following list of foods and you’ll be as healthy as an eagle!  How did I compile my list?  I researched the foods that had the best combination of high protein to low fat and carbs with high fiber and vitamin content.  But we also need good sources of carbs for energy!  You can’t live off protein alone.

Foods Rich in Micro Nutrient Vitamins!!
I’ve listed the macro nutritient contents (carbohydrates, fats and protein)

– (71% Carbs – 9% Fats – 20% Protein)

Spinach – (56% Carbs – 14% Fats – 30% Protein)

Kale – (72% Carbs – 12% Fats – 16% Protein)

Red & Yellow Bell Sweet Peppers —  (81% Carbs – 10% Fats – 9% Protein)  highest volume of Vitamin C – (you thought oranges and grapefruit was high in Vitamin C?  No, Red and yellow bell peppers are the best source with nearly 400% more vitamin C than oranges and grapefruit without the sugar and carbohydrates.

Green Peas (73% Carbs – 4% Fats – 23% Protein)  Great source of Protein and vitamins!

Cabbage & lettuce –  (70-81% Carbs – 4-% Fats – 15-22% Protein)   Great source of vitamins

Pinto Beans –  (72% Carbs – 8% Fats – 20% Protein)  Great source for protein and vitamins

Lima Beans(73% Carbs – 3% Fats – 24% Protein)

Garlic – (85% Carbs – 3% Fats – 12% Protein)  – Makes all your food taste good too!  Rich in Calcium, Phosphorus, Victamin C and Vitamin B6!

Highest Protein Content Foods w/ Low Fat and Carbs Ratio – High in rich vitamins too!

Egg Whites – (6% Carbs – 3% Fats – 91% Protein)  – The only thing about egg whites is that it can be high in sodium or salt.  So, try not to add more salt to your egg whites.  Have it w/ Garlic!  Garlic is actually another great source of micro nutrients!!!

Chicken Breast(0% Carbs – 10% Fats – 90% Protein) – The downside is high cholesterol and it tastes dry!  I personally prefer dark chicken meat.  Dark chicken meat like legs (1% Carbs – 58% Fat – 41% Protein) Yikes!  In case you didn’t know!

Firm Tofu (15% Carbs – 31% Fats – 54% Protein) – Any soybean or tofu product is super duper!  But firm tofu is even better!  High in protein, low in carbs and fat and rich in vitamin content!  Also has the good fats in it.  No downside to Tofu that I’m aware of.

Shrimp (3% Carbs – 15% Fats – 82% Protein) – Downside: high in cholesterol.  Shrimp is another great source of protein, eat it raw for the best results!

Fish – Fish is going to be good for you overall.  Eat sushi or sashimi for best results!  Rich in micro nutrients and essential amino acids.  Eat more!

Tuna Fish (0% Carbs – 8% Fats – 92% Protein) – Downside: high in cholesterol.

Oysters (24% Carbs – 26% Fats – 50% Protein) – Fresher the better.    Eat them raw for best results.

Clams (14% Carbs – 12% Fats – 74% Protein) – Clam chowder is good for you too.






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