AT&T Customer Service for Business Phone Services

AT&T customer service is absolutely terrible. We currently have AT&T business phone and DSL services, and they have to be one of the WORST customer oriented companies I have ever experienced. Just trying to get someone on the line is a miracle in and of itself.

We were given a dedicated account rep, but he’s since disappeared. All I get is voicemail now, and I have no clue how to reach him, his supervisor or anyone else that works in that dept. If I call the main AT&T support line, good luck in getting someone on the phone.

Once you do get someone on the phone (via a miracle of holding for hours), you get a spanish speaking person who’s taking overflows from the English line. She’s clueless about the whole situation, you’ve just wasted your entire afternoon.

AT&T, you suck, and you should shut down your doors… How unfortunate that you have a telephone monopoly in my area…

I find it unusually odd how some companies are almost too retail customer friendly, while other business just don’t give a rat’s ass.. and the both seem to thrive in the market place…






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