Best Exercises for the Busy Person

The Best Exercises for the busy person…
If you’re busy, do these exercise a few times a week.  They are no-nonsense and very effective.

1. Stretch all your joints and muscles.  From head to toe, learn to stretch every part of your body.  Fingers, legs, feet, back, arms, neck, etc..   Stretching keeps your muscles relaxed and  prevents injuries.

2. Two Sets of:
. 50 Pushups (works out your arms, chest, and shoulders)
. 50 Situps (works out your stomach, and back)
. 50 Squats (works out your legs and knees) – use varying stances to exercise different leg muscles.
. 50 Reverse Situps (on your stomach) (works out your lower and upper back)
. Jog in place and count to 25.  (eg. one one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand… etc..)

Note:  You don’t need fancy machines, tools or gym memberships to do this.   You can do it while watching television or a movie.  If you can’t do 50, then set a lower target number and just do it.  Work your way up as well as increasing your repetitions.

The basic goal is to work out your major muscle groups and “problem areas”.  Chest, Arms, Legs, Stomach, Back & heart.  Keeping your back limber and strong is critical.  It affects your overall posture and well being.   Have a comfortable back, and you’ll feel good all day.  Stretch them, and slowly make them stronger.

If you’re ever serious and looking for some good exercise equipment, check out:
[] – An assortment of exercise and fitness equipment
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Word about your diet: Along with exercise, stay away from anything high in sugar or processed low quality carbohydrates (eg. donuts, white bread, pastry, etc).  Eat a healthy portion of lean protein and high fiber carbs.  Just eat and live a balanced life.

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