Car Buying Considerations

What to consider when buying a new car:

1.  99% of the time, you’re going to spend time inside your car, so consider the interior, the look, feel and comfort of your vehicle.

2. At the end of the day, your car’s main job is to take you from point A to point B.  Nobody wants to mess with car problems, so consider the reliability of your vehicle.

3. Everytime you get into your car, you have to look at it.  So consider how the car looks to you.

4. Image reflection.  What does the car say about you?  You don’t want it to overstate or understate who you are.  You may want the car to have some cache.  Or you may not…

5. Aging Well.  Most cars, you want to keep it for about 5-10yrs.  How will the car hold up?  Will it look very old in 5-10yrs or still look fairly new?  Look at vehicles that are 5-10yrs old and ask yourself if that car has aged well.

1. Reliability
2. Interior Comfort
3. Exterior Appearance
4. Image Reflection
5. Aging Well

Buying a car isn’t much different from finding a wife or husband.  I can translate the above as:

1. Trustworthy/ Reliable/ Integrity/ Character
2. Do you feel comfortable, warm and safe when you’re with this person?
3. Do you find this person attractive?
4. What does it say about you by being with this person?  Does he/she raise your personal reflection or lower it?
5. Will this person age well?  Will he/she be improve with age?






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