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Bacon Fish Salsa Special! “A Delicious Fusion of Bacon and Fish – Easy to Prepare Too!” Formulated on 3/16/05 This is a really simple meal that combines great tasting bacon and healthy fish.   It really is simple to make.  The dish consists of bacon, fish, rice and your favorite […]

Bacon Fish Salsa Special!

. Brush daily – Ask your dentist what the proper way is.  There is a proper way and many wrong misconceived ways. Don’t brush too hard, or you’ll wear out your enamel.  Just enough to get the plaque off.  Read more...

Teeth Care Primer

The Glycemic Index The glycemic index refers to the tendency of foods to secrete insulin.  The consumption of any foods prompts your body to secrete insulin.  The more insulin your body releases, the more fat that food will potentially produce.  This is great if you need this energy IMMEDIATELY (eg. […]

The Glycemic Index

Here’s my painfully researched list of the best foods to eat for your health’s sake!  Eat the following list of foods and you’ll be as healthy as an eagle!  How did I compile my list?  I researched the foods that had the best combination of high protein to low fat […]

Most Nutritious Foods