Do I Need College?

If you’re spending time and money going to college w/ the intent of starting a small business, plan on NOT using most of what you learn; and your business degree will do practically nothing for you.

Better to spend your time and money “working” and getting practical experience.  Find out what “industry” or field you want to get into.  Look for opportunities, learn; and if you’re lucky find a mentor, manager or boss who’s willing to teach you the ropes.

Read.  Read.  Read.  Reading and learning is your University.  You won’t learn practical business skills in college.  You’ll learn how to be a “team player/ manager” for a Fortune 1000 company, but not how to be an Entrepreneur.  What about University “entrepreneur programs”?  I’d still say it’s better to learn on the job.

The entrepreneur programs teach you how to write a business plan, get funding and sell your idea to venture capitalists.  Not how to actually bootstrap.

As a small business owner, you need to learn how to bootstrap, work hard, and survive long enough to find your niche and get lucky.

My advice?  Get a job, and start a part time business.  Read alot, work hard, and keep your eye open for opportunities.  Learn to be resourceful, creative and persistent.

Good luck!






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