How To Succed in Your Career & Job

Formula for Career Success:

(Wherever You Work)

. Work hard(er)

. Always exceed your boss’ expecations

. Always do more than what’s asked and expected.

. Get to work early and work more than expected.

. Educate yourself and be the best in your field

. Constantly improve your skills

. Be a solution person. Be somebody who solves problems, and not just someone who reports them.

. Have a good attitude. Nobody likes to work w/ someone who’s intolerable.

. Be polite and friendly w/ others, and especially your boss.  Do the little things like saying “good morning”, and “good night”.

. Dress professionally and appropriately for the job.

. Submit good ideas to your boss.

. Be a rainmaker. ie. Make money for the company. If you can get yourself right into the pipeline of how your company makes money, then you will become invaluable.

. 80/20 rule. 20% of your daily activities bring 80% of the value for your company. So concentrate on doing the 20% activities that bring the most value for the company and harness your best talents.

. 1% rule. Marginally speaking, the winners and losers are separated by the smallest of margins. A gold medal 100meter dash winner is only .001 faster than the 2nd place loser. So if you try just a bit more than everyone else, it will add up in the long run.  Most people naturally want to do as little as they can and get as much as they can.  The winners always look to do more.

. Make your boss’ job easier. Find ways to make his job easier. Most employees add problems to the boss. They want days off, they come to work late, they don’t give proper notices, they bitch, they complain, they have a bad attitude. Make his job easier by not being a winer.

. Be reliable and dependable.

. Make your word your iron clad bond. Make your word gold. Make yourself trustable.  Have honour and integrity in your words and actions.

. Don’t let your personal life distract you from your job.

. Work harder when you’re young and have the energy to do so.  You may not have this option when you get older.  Invest extra energy and time into your job while you’re still young and strong.

. Avoid calling in sick or being late.  Heroes are made by those who are dependable and do the routine things everyday.

. Move quicker.  Walk fast.  Nobody likes working with a slow co-worker.

. When working, just work.  Don’t putz on your cell phone, check the sports site, or distract yourself with time wasting activies.  When working, just work, and you’ll get a whole lot more done.

. Make a list.  Keep a list of what you need to accomplish for the day, the week and the month.  Do the most important things first.

. Check your emails only 1 or twice a day.  Checking email can be a huge time killer especially, if you check often.

There are no shortcuts…






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