Just Let Go

We hold on to ‘life’ to strongly… Observe the animal kingdom. Take the lion for example. It’s strong and vibrant in youth, powerful in it’s prime, and then sadly dies of starvation, disease, illness, injury or other horrific death. To find itself being eaten by it’s own kind, by a Hyana, or some other carniverous mammal.

Death is always painful, sad, and lonely. Why is human death so similar in kind? Happy in youth, so much potential, powerful in our prime, weak in our old age, pitiful and diseased at the tail end of our lives… sadly holding on to the last days of our lives hooked up to a machine, our minds faintly intelligent, our hearts barely thumping, our senses hardly conscious…

Blessed is the man who can die in dignity, who dies at the top of their game. Living well is always our main concern. ‘Dying well’, now that’s an idea.






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