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Top Buys and Specials:
Home Entertainment Centers

JVC - 17" HD-Ready Flat-Panel LCD TV - Black/Silver LT17X475
176-degree viewing angle; 1280 x 768 resolution; contrast ratio: 500:1; brightness: 450 cd/m

JVC - 26" Widescreen HD-Ready Flat-Panel LCD TV w/HDMI Input & Split Screen - Silver LT26X575
16:9; WXGA; velocity scan modulation; TheaterPro 6500K; 3D Y/C comb filter; BBE audio
On Sale

Sony - 51" Hi-Scan 1080i HD-Ready Projection TV with HDMI Input & 2-Tuner PIP KP51WS520
DRC signal upgrade; HD MICROFOCUS CRT and lens system; DVI input; SRS TruSurround

Sony - Grand WEGA 42" Widescreen Rear-Projection LCD HDTV w/Memory Stick Slot & Twin View KDF42WE655
16:9; WXGA; HD Detailer amplifier; CableCARD slot; HDMI input; SRS TruSurround sound

Sony - Grand WEGA 60" Widescreen Rear-Projection LCD HDTV KDF60XS955
HDMI input; Memory Stick; picture-in-picture; CableCARD slot; component inputs; Virtual Dolby

Sony - Grand WEGA 50" Widescreen Rear-Projection LCD HDTV KDF50WE655
HDMI input; Memory Stick Slot; Twin-View; CableCARD slot; SRS TruSurround

Sony - WEGA 57" Widescreen Rear Projection HDTV w/HDMI Input & Twin View KDP57WS655
16:9; HD Detailer amplifier; DVI input; CableCARD slot; SRS TruSurround; Steady Sound

Sony - Grand WEGA 55" LCD Projection HDTV w/HDMI Inputs KDF55XS955
3-2 pulldown; CableCARD slot; S-Master digital amplifier; Virtual Dolby; SRS TruSurround
On Sale

Toshiba - 65" TheaterWide HD-Ready Rear-Projection TV - Silver/Black 65H84
HDMI input; scales signals to 1080i; 3D Y/C comb filter; picture-in-picture; split-cabinet design

Toshiba - 57" HD-Ready Rear-Projection TV - Silver 57H84
Widescreen; DVI Input; 2-Tuner PIP; 16:9 display; 1080i capable; CableClear DNR

Toshiba - 62" Widescreen DLP Projection HD-Ready TV with HDMI Input & Split Screen - Silver/Gray 62HM84
PixelPure technology; digital noise reduction; 2 HD component video inputs; SRS WOW audio

Zenith - 40" 16:9 HD-Ready Rear-Projection TV - Silver R40W46
HD-ready; 40" 16:9 widescreen display with 480p/1080i resolution; 3:2 Pulldown Cinema Correction; HD Grade Optics; 3-line digital comb filter
On Sale

Zenith - 44" Widescreen HD-Ready Rear-Projection LCD TV - Silver E44W46LCD
720p upconversion; 3D digital comb filter; 2-tuner PIP; Virtual Dolby Surround
On Sale

Panasonic - 42" HD Built-In Plasma TV - Silver TH-42PX25U/P
Widescreen; super-slim 5-1/2" design; 1024 x 768 resolution; 2-tuner picture-in-picture split screen

Panasonic - 43" Widescreen HD-Ready LCD Projection TV - Silver PT-43LC14
3-2 pulldown; motion-adaptive 3D Y/C comb filter; PIP/split-screen; high-definition sound
On Sale

Philips - 50" Plasma HD-Ready TV with HDMI Input 50PF9956
Dual-screen capability; ActiveControl Plus+; Virtual Dolby Surround; wall-mountable

Philips - 42" HD-Ready Plasma TV with Ambient Lights and HDMI Input 42PF9966
Built-in ambient lights; ActiveControl Plus+; Virtual Dolby Surround; wall-mountable

Philips - 26" Widescreen HD-Ready Flat-Panel LCD TV w/HDMI - Silver 26PF9966
Active Control Plus+; Pixel Plus; Digital Crystal Clear; multiple PIP; Virtual Dolby Surround

Philips - 55" Widescreen HD-Ready LCOS TV w/DVI Input & 2-Tuner PIP 55PL9524S
1280 x 720 resolution; Pixel Plus; Active Control PLUS; 3D comb filter; 17-1/2" deep

Philips - 15" HD-Ready Flat-Panel LCD TV with Component Video Input - Silver 15PF8937
Crystal Clear III; Active Control; 3D digital comb filter; Virtual Dolby Surround
On Sale

Philips - 17" Widescreen HD-Ready Flat-Panel LCD TV w/PC Input 17PF8946
6 widescreen modes; Digital CrystalClear III; ActiveControl; Virtual Dolby Surround
On Sale

Pioneer - 50" Widescreen 16:9 PureVision Plasma HDTV - Black PDP5041HD
16:9 aspect ratio; integrated ATSC tuner; Advanced PureCinema with 3-3 pulldown; versatile speakers

Pioneer - 43" 16:9 Widescreen Plasma HDTV - Black PDP-4341HD
43" plasma screen with 16:9 aspect ratio; built-in HDTV tuner; advanced PureCinema with 3-3 pulldown

Samsung - 40" Widescreen HD-Ready Flat-Panel LCD TV w/DVI LTN406W
600:1 contrast; 2-tuner PIP; Dolby Digital, Pro Logic II and DTS surround sound decoders

Samsung - 42" Widescreen HD-Ready Flat-Panel Plasma TV w/DVI-HDCP Input & 2-Tuner PIP HP-P4261
DNIe circuitry; 1,000 cd/m brightness; 3,000:1 contrast; SRS TruSurround XT

Sharp - AQUOS 20" HD-Ready Flat-Panel LCD TV - Silver LC20B6US
1024 x 768 resolution; 170 viewing angles; Advanced Super View; 3" deep

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