Let’s Feel Good

It appears that everything we do in life is for the purpose of making ourselves ‘feel good’. Call it what you want, whether it’s inner peace, happiness or joy, it comes down to just ‘feeling good’ NOW.

Think about it for a moment. How do we do this? Whether you enjoy watching sports, eating, being with your family, working hard in order to create a sense or a feeling of ‘accomplishment’ and ‘achievement’, hanging out w/ friends, watching a good movie, listening to music, having an interesting conversation, or even daydreaming about something, it’s all about making yourself ‘feel good’ NOW.

Is it really all in our head? Is it all for the purpose of trying to get the chemical juices in our head flowing? If that’s the case, someone should just invent a ‘feel good’ machine that’s hooked up to my body through an IV. Is life thus, all about balancing this ‘feel good’ emotion in a steady stream for the course of your life? It’s got to be easy and steady, or else you might fall dead.

Take the example of a heroine user. You’ll soon get addicted, cut your life short, and the ‘feel good’, will turn into a nightmare in no time. So the key is in finding a balanced life that keeps the ‘feel good’ juices flowing steadily and reliably.

I suppose many of us do this through a stable marriage, religion, a good job, children, a network of friends, sports, music, and good food. But is life so meaningless and simple that one can just boil it down to a ‘feel good’ lifestyle? Isn’t there any meaning beyond that? Any other purpose or higher goal besides ‘how we feel’.

Don’t preach your religion to me. That’s just another ‘drug’, as far as I’m concerned. ‘ But I feel crummy working 60hrs a week, picking up poo at the kennel, bla bla’, how is that making me ‘feel good’? You ask? Well consider the alternative, the thought and feeling of knowing that your family and your life will be poor and destitute. Hence, you ‘feel good’, knowing that you’re providing for your family.

That new car? It’s to make yourself ‘feel good’. That new house, it’s to make yourself ‘feel good’. Or else, it’s to make your wife, girlfriend or children ‘feel good’, which in return makes you ‘feel good’. To feel good and to avoid pain, sounds much to simple but how true it is. But aren’t we more than that? Aren’t we more than biological machines addicted to ‘feeling good’. Shouldn’t we strive for more than just a ‘feeling’ or a mental state of being?






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