Magic Johnson Post B-Ball

Im getting a little tired of Magic “Earvin” Johnson.  I know he’s an LA Icon and an all around “nice” guy, but his post basketball career persona has been questionable.

He gets alot of credit for investing in the inner city, and helping revive the area, giving locals jobs and opportunity.  I have to strongly disagree.  It’s true that he’s put Starbucks and movie theatres into the inner city, but an economic infrastructure isn’t built on drinking coffee and watching movies.

Im tired of do-gooder celebrities piping to help “their people” and minorities with questionable methods.  Having easier access to movie theatres and drinking $4 lattes does not uplift your economic situation.  I’d argue that in fact, it makes you worse off.

Poor inner city people do not need “easier” access to expensive name brand coffee or theatre style entertainment.  It may boost their self-esteem an ego in the short term, but does nothing for them in the long term.

What poor disadvantaged people need is education and opportunities.  Yes, opportunities abound everywhere, but if a do-gooder celebrity really wants to help the unfortunate, then give them a 2nd, and 3rd chance to take advantge of all the opportunities available to every American, Black, White, Hispanic, or Asian.

If Magic Johnson really wants credit for being a great businessman and social philanthropist,  then he needs to create schools, educational centers and jobs that the local neighborhood people can actually do well in.

That doesn’t mean high-tech science or research jobs, that means manual labor jobs that they can add value to.  People don’t want to hear this, but value is created when supply and demand meet in a nice agreeable spot.  Poorly educated people can’t work high-pay jobs that require high education.  Let’s be realistic and offer them an opportunity to WORK.  An opportunity to learn and grow and move up.

Whether they choose to move up and learn, is up to them.  All we can do is provid the opportunity.

But movie theatres, and coffee shops aint going to cut it.  I’d prefer that they drink folgers and watch free tv at home rather than spending $10 for a movie ticket.

Magic Johnson is being given way too much credit for being a front man for corporate America for Black America.

I recently saw Magic Johnson in a commercial for Rent a Center.  I was horrified.  Here’s Magic making a commercial with a basketball in his hand, playing on his basketball fame, telling his constituents to rent things they can’t afford and get deeper into obligations they cannot afford.

People, please do not rent furniture and appliances from Rent a Center.  Do with what you have, save your money, and when you can afford it, buy a used appliance or furniture from Craigslist.  In fact, there are thousands of free stuff on Craigslist you can just have.  People are literally giving away their old stuff.  You don’t need to get into debt with Rent a Center.  Its all about ego and pride.

Magic Johnson should be ashamed of himself.  How much did he get paid for this commercial?  Does he really need the money?

Doesn’t he also advertise for a Casino?  How socially responsible!

More recently I just witness Johnson’s unbelievable speech at the Michael Jackson ceremonies at Staples Center.  He literally did a commercial for Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).  You probably thought it was funny and cute.  How many of you know that Johnson has a financial interest in KFC and Yum Brands (the parent company of KFC)?

I think the whole thing is ridiculous.  Michael Jackson helped Magic become the point guard he was, and eating KFC chicken w/ Michael Jackson was the greatest moment of his life?  What hyperbole.  Im sure his wife and kids are happy to hear that.






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