Maui Jim Customer Service Experience

I had bought a $300 pair of Maui Jim sunglasses.  The lens got scratched and needed replacement.  Shipped it to Maui Jim in Illinois  (had to pay $60 for the repair).  They shipped it back to me, and I noticed there was a scratch on the new lens.  Had it shipped back to them.  Their repair man tells me he can’t find the scratch.  Now I know the techs aren’t worth their weight.  The scratch is hard to see, but it can be seen at the right angle, and I am 100% dead sure there was a scratch on the new lens they shipped me.

I had no choice but to have them ship it back to me as it was, scratch and all.

But… the package gets lost.  I notify Maui Jim.  The tech takes a week to get back to me.  He transfers me to customer service, they tell me it’s going to take 5 to 10 working days to resolve the missing package.  After a week, I call them back, they tell me I have to file a lost package claim with USPS.

I file the claim, and Maui Jim says they’ll ship me a replacement eyewear out the next day.  The next day I get a call telling me that my pair is no longer in stock.  They have to mail me a gift card for $300 valid at Maui Jim’s website only.  Then I realize that I have to pay sales tax (again) on my purchase.  This isn’t right.  Now I’ll be out an extra $30 because of sales tax.

Not only did the tech miss the scratch, I had to wait approx 3 weeks, then create a case w/ USPS and now.. I’ll be out another $30 on sales tax.

Most eyewear companies are very liberal with their customer service.  Eyewear is a fashion item and the markups are profitable.  The fact that Maui Jim made me go through so many hoops to finally end up w/ a gift card is unfair.  I’m also out the original $60 I paid for the repair.  So basically $90 im out.

They have silly Hawaiian music on hold too.  Their whole Hawaiian theme is silly.  Their office is in Peoria Illinois.


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