Opus Bank.


Don’t even bother doing business with them.  What value do they offer?  Small bank customer service?  I don’t think so…

In fact, their service is worse than the major banks… as hard as that may be to believe..


Their commercial bankers only stick around for a few years, and then they’re gone.  Once they’re gone,  you have no leverage w/ them and you’re now just another number…  Good luck getting any service going forward..


They think short term.  Don’t know how to curate long term customers w/ added value.


From managers to regional managers, they’d rather save a dollar rather than reach out to save a client and a relationship.


Poor philosophy from top to bottom.


Opus Bank.  Don’t bother.


I’m taking my business to a major bank, ala – Chase or BofA.  At least they think long term…