Rashawn Underdue Resume / Curriculum Vitae – Bogus and Fraudulent Claims

Rashawn’s Resume related to Zo Center is Fraudulent and Phoney.

. Rashawn never owned the ZoCenter.  He was merely a subcontracted trainer.
. Rashawn did not raise revenue or do any of the below that he claims.
. How a man that attends church and with a pleasant personality can blatantly LIE on his resume is absolutely INCREDIBLE and speaks to the nature of the human personality.
. Rashawn’s claims of revenue growth, ownership of a gym he was merely a contractor for, etc.. etc.. is DISHONEST.
. When Rashawn left the ZoCenter, he left violating trainer rules, destroyed gym property, promised to come back and pay for unpaid for gym dues and membership fees owed the gym, but NEVER did.  And now he lies about his involvement with the ZoCenter.
. The truth is that Rashawn consistently broke Gym Rules, used the facilities in ways that violated gym rules, took advantage of the owner’s kindness and generosity, stoled the Social Media sites of ZoCenter for his own use and advantage, and failed as a trainer, and thus ZoCenter had to close due to misuse, misconduct and general failure to retain clients.
. The below claims that he raised revenue and exceeded all sales targets is BLATANTLY a lie and contradicts all common sense.  If business and sales was so great, the gym wouldn’t have shut down.
. Rashawn Underdue, at the end, was PUSHED OUT from the gym, broke, a failure as trainer, and failed to pay his bills.
. The owner of Zo was no longer able to continue supporting Rashawn as a charity case, and unable to continue working with a man with too many character flaws.
. The below resume regarding his involvement with the ZoCenter is a COMPLETE FABRICATION.



Rashawn Underdue Phoney Reesume



  • RASHAWN UNDERDUE 713 W. Rosslynn Ave  Fullerton, CA 92832 Phone: 818-568-4137  E-Mail: Rashawnunderdue@yahoo.com SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Business professional with 15 years of sales, operations, and management experience across multiple industries including higher education, health/wellness, and consumer goods. Possessing a meticulous eye for detail and a ravenous appetite for learning. Ability to learn new skills efficiently while quickly creating, collaborating and implementing strategies that solve problems and drive business results. A coachable team player with a high level of integrity, energy, motivation, and personal drive. Accomplished facilitator with interdepartmental stakeholders; creating collaborative relationships. Strong presentation, written and verbal communications skills. Seeking a challenging opportunity to leverage and build upon my strong business acumen, innovative thinking, intellectual agility and passion for meeting goals and objectives. Including community development, project management, customer service, product launch and philanthropic initiatives. Ability to analyze complex business situations accurately and adopt effective courses of action and value propositions for today’s global market. EXCEL FINANCE SKILL SETS SOFT BUSINESS SKILL SETS TECHNICAL BUSINESS SKILL SETS – General Accounting – Business Acumen – Business to Business Sales – Forecasting | Budgeting – Team Work | Partnerships – Sales Cycle Management – Cost Analysis – Communication – Product Knowledge | Launch – Data Analysis | Reporting – Vision | Optimism – Negotiation | Closing – Risk Management – Project Management – Hiring – Cash Flow Analysis – Critical Thinking | Research – Coaching – Profit | Loss Analysis – Decision Making – Performance Management – Spreadsheets | Graphs – Leadership – Process Improvement Education & Collegiate Activities Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY 1998 Bachelor of Arts: Business Management/Information Science  Student Senate President  Undergraduate Residence Hall Director  Collegiate Athlete: Football Player – LINE BACKER WORK EXPERIENCE The ZO Fitness Center, Fullerton CA – Owner Operator [8/2010 to 5/2016 : Brick & Mortar] [5/2016 to Present : Mobile Service] Led the operations and full scale market delivery of the ZO Fitness Program. Managed all working parts of the business. Accountable for membership sales growth, retention, and client goal achievement. Managed retail sales spaced selling dietary/nutritional supplementation solutions, gym gear and apparel. Solely responsible for profit growth, sales growth, facilities maintenance and brand image/awareness – on line and in the market place. Managed all vendor partnerships, payroll, hiring, staff evaluations, staff training & team development. Designed gym programs and strategic plan. Developed strategic partnerships with clients, placing laser focus on their needs, goals and maximum potential.  Successfully designed and administered health and fitness solutions helping 78 beat extreme medical obesity.  Executed the latest methods of social media marketing to grow an Instagram following from 400 to 10,000 + in 90 days.  Launched business’s 1st snail mail flyer campaign leading to $14,000 revenue increase in 1st year.  Restructured the financial processes of the business garnering $5,000 in lost revenue.  Successfully negotiate with local and international vendors driving profits 10% annually and a $12,000 construction savings.  Coached 4 professionals and 4 college student interns to performance levels that have resulted in stellar YELP reviews 3 years running.  Published/Blogged free health & wellness media content garnering $10,000 in corporate sponsors.  Established trust with local business leaders building long lasting partnerships and joint sales initiatives.  Developed goals and set priorities for clients keeping them on task, accountable, and results focused.  Privately coached 10 law enforcement and military personnel to successful passing PT scores for their prospective agencies.  Worked with local doctors and surgeons providing effective rehabilitation services for several clients.
  • 2 Disney Vacation Club, Anaheim CA – Time Share Associate 8/2007 to 8/2009 Responsible for the achievement of monthly sales quotas and performance goals. Including the administration of team meetings and the co- training of new team members. Effective staffing of resort guest vetting stations, going above and beyond to assist the executive sales lead with resort tours and program presentations.  Awarded as the top performing associate 2 years in a row closing year 25% above plan.  Received company recognition for outstanding service 2008.  Recognized by management for consistently going above & beyond guest expectations.  Received Disney Magic award in 2007.  Designated team lead in 1 st 90 days.  Achieved a 100% qualification rate for all new associates. JCL Realty & Investments 4/2004 to 4/2007 Managed day to day operations of the firm’s marketing program and community outreach. Assisted the CEO in the identification of sound investment opportunities. Facilitated the purchase, renovation, and sales of investment properties. Managed a private portfolio of investment clients and managed properties.  Sold mortgage refinance services door to door achieving a 25% close rate  Designed and implemented several successful marketing campaigns leading to double digit sales growth.  Created social media education/outreach strategy to help homeowners refinance out of predatory loans.  Served as secondary contact for CEO’s top tier investment clients closing over $3.5 Million dollars in new investments.  Collaborated successfully with executives leading to capital expansions and profit increases.  Quickly mastered industry software platforms leading to a rapid, profitable and sustainable business results.  Engineered an excel spreadsheet data entry platform to manage the financial activities for the property management segment. Pepsi Cola Bottling Group, New Jersey & Los Angeles 9/1998 to 3/2004 True business to business sales to on premise accounts including, restaurants, hospitals, and all service establishments. Responsible for the execution of national sales campaigns by region & territory. Lead and supported local sales managers and reps with product launches and revenue quota achievement. Lead the product delivery system for the state of NJ for Walmart and Target. Accountable for the staffing and development of professional and collegiate sales teams. Key account sales manager for USC & UCLA, responsible for regional/local customer service, corporate collaborations, sales/inventory forecasting, profit and staff performance. Responsible for territory market share growth and profit goals.  Increased Walmart’s NJ beverage retail sales by 1.2 million dollars over 3 years.  Decreased overtime budget spending by $50,000.  Coached 30 employee sales & customer service force to record safety and sales and profit results.  Reengineered Wal-Mart’s supply chain model leading to cost improvements for both Pepsi and Walmart.  Awarded Pepsi key account manager of the year.  Aided executive leaders in union strike contingency planning and operations.  Successfully Implemented modern financial reporting processes and procedures using excel.  Participated in negotiations with collective bargain agreement employees.  Lead union arbitrations successfully managing company risk and exposure.  Coached a 100 man field sales team through 2 field/performance hardware technology upgrades.  Assisted the HR executive team in the design and implementation of modern and federally compliant operating policies.  Increased Pepsi’s alternative beverage market share by 10% in 2003 and 20% in 2004 by beating Coke in restaurant segment.  Significantly improved customer service by prioritizing and communicating status of work performed, quality and timeliness respecting “sense of urgency” and partnering closely with customer needs. Internships & Extracurricular Cal State Fullerton University Police Department – Law Enforcement Intern 6/1/2016 to 8/28/2016  Support the department’s staffing director with fulfilling staffing gaps in office and front desk duties.  Civilian support for patrol officers in the field and in the precinct.  Support / floating assistant for the senior officers of the department.  Produced the department’s 1 st active shooter response training video. Leon Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Blue Belt 4 Stripes Los Alamitos, CA current  Rape Prevention Assistant Coach  College Student Mentor National Academy of Sports Medicine, CA 2010  Certified Strength Conditioning Coach  24,000 coaching hours to date References Available Upon Request