Shopping Cart Wish List

1. Easy Indexed by Google, Yahoo, MSN (all search engines) – meaning search engine friendly URLs and website.

2. Shopping cart can be integrated w/ Amazon cart, Google checkout, paypal online processor ( or other) and offline processing,

2A. Can export customer order info in CSV format: Order#, amount, cc#, csv#, Exp Date, Address, City, State, Zip, Email address, Customer Name, Memo

3. Wish List – customers can save their wish list they can later transfer into their shopping cart

4. Mailing List / newsletter feature (members can join or remove themselves from our mailing list)

5. Live Chat (using 3rd party is ok)

6. Integration w/ UPS, USMail, Fedex tracking

7. Product Reviews

8. Post Sale customer feedback & rating system (ala amazon post sale survey or ebay ratings)

9. Database driven site

10. Easy upload of products using a csv or other flat file

11. Easy to create new info pages as needed.

12. Easy feed to Froogle (automatic)

13. Exportable database list of products, customers, categories, etc..

14. automatically calculate shipping charges by location, weight.

15. Eage page can have their own metatags, keywords, descriptions

16. Coupon feature (create a coupon list where customers can get discounts or special offers based on the code they enter)

17. Customers can view their order history

18. Upsell feature (customers view 1 item.. and the same page can recommend other items of similarity)


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