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  • Tesla Service – Won’t Replace Driver’s Side Visor Under Warranty

    Along with numerous other issues I’ve had with the Model S, Tesla continues to disappoint on the service side. Whenever dealing with their service department, I am reminded LOUDLY never to buy this car again. Hello Elon, you make a pretty neat car, but your service department is absolutely garbage. Here’s a recent service call […]

  • Tesla Service Center Field Report November 1 2017

      Was just in a Southern California service center to have my vehicle: Warranty issue to be addressed Have the car uncorked   I was pleasantly surprised by… . They actually wrapped the car seats and lined it w/ plastic.. never seen this before * Note – in fact I cover the seats myself now, […]

  • Tesla Battery Losses of 20%

    My observation has been that unstated battery losses are at about 20%. For example, your car states you have 200 miles available to drive. But in reality, you can probably get about 160 Miles (give or take). Thus the true stated mileage of your Tesla vehicle is about 20% less than what’s being advertised… You […]

  • Tesla April 2017 RoadTrip from La Habra California to Las Vegas on Model X P90 – Power Consumption Review

    Road Trip from La Habra California to Las Vegas Nevada Date: Circa April 2017 Weather Condition:  75 to 85 Degrees Fahrenheit Wind Condition:  Moderately Windy       Vehicle: Tesla Model X – P90 (Year 2016 Model) Trip from Orange County to Las Vegas Time: 7AM Start Location:  La Habra California Mileage at Start:  237 […]

  • Tesla Model S Comments (March 2017)

    What I Wish I Knew about Tesla’s Before I Actually Bought One . The sales people don’t really know the cars.  Most don’t drive it.  They aren’t familiar with them on an intimate level.  They just assist in selling them. . Same as above for the service reps. . The Vehicle’s reality falls far short […]