Tesla Service Center Field Report November 1 2017


Was just in a Southern California service center to have my vehicle:

  1. Warranty issue to be addressed
  2. Have the car uncorked


I was pleasantly surprised by…

. They actually wrapped the car seats and lined it w/ plastic.. never seen this before

* Note – in fact I cover the seats myself now, because they NEVER cover the seats and always leave dirty marks on them when I pick up the car.

. Gave me a good loaner vehicle that was clean.  100D, clean, and (newer) model.  The service guy says they just got some “fresh” loaner vehicles… Good news So Cal owners..


Still needs work..

  1. When you come in to have your car serviced, they should know exactly why your there based on your VIN#. Instead they ask for your name and “why are you here…” question, like they have no idea…
  2. The loaner vehicle’s auto presenting doors doesn’t work right, and the car over steers to the right. (I guess I can live with this for a day)
  3. The waiting area – remains paltry compared to even Toyota dealerships.


Hoping for..

  1. A quick turnaround.. they say I should get the car by in 1 day.
  2. No damage to the car when I get it back..



Other Comments:

. The old service manager is gone, replaced.

. Many of the service people are new (replaced prior personnel)

. When you call a local service center, I will usually get a request to leave a message in their voice mail system, but now it appears corporate (Fremont) is routing the calls and taking them…. At least you get a human voice.


…. At least Tesla is moving in the right direction in terms of Customer Service.