The ET Super Protein Food Diet

The ET Super Protein Healthy Diet Recipe
Formulated on 2/20/05

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Zero Carbs – Super Healthy Diet

The ET Super Protein Pancake/Waffle can be eaten and cooked in a few different varieties.   The benefit of this recipe is clear.  High in healthy protein, vitamins, nutrition and low in fat and other bad stuff.

The main ingredients I use for the ET Super Protein Pancake is egg whites and tofu.   Other ingredients I add for added nutrition and flavor is walnuts and spinach.   These ingredients are from what I can tell from my research, super rich and packed with healthy protein, vitamins, Omega 3 fatty acids and everything that’s good.

I call this a panacake, because it looks like pancake mix, and you can fry it, and then literally eat it like pancake (maple syrup and all).  I wouldn’t normally recommend the maple syrup and butter, (high in fat and sugar) but if you got to have pancakes, might as well have the ET Super Protein Pancake instead of the crappy high carb, processed flour type.

You may also pour the mix into soups and noodles.  Kids will love it and won’t even know that it’s not pancake mix!  Instead it’s super nutritious tofu and egg whites!

Recipe #1:  Basic and Pure ET Super Protein Pancake.

. 3-5 egg whites

. Half a package of firm tofu.
Note: use firm tofu for a crisper result.  Firm tofus have less water content and hence will work better in this recipe.  In fact, soybeans would work great as well.

. Put in blender

. Mix well.

. Prepare a hot pan, well oiled.
Note: Non-stick pan recommended.

. Pour the ET Super Protein Pancake mix into the pan.

. Flip over after a few minutes until nice and brown.

. Salt and pepper it if you wish
Note: You may even add the salt and pepper in the blender.  Other spices you can add is garlic powder, salt, pepper, chili powder, and tobasco sauce.

. Eat as is, or pour maple syrup and butter on it.
Note: Now, if you plan to use maple syrup, then I wouldn’t recommend using chili powder or tobasco sauce during the blending process, unless you’re very adventurous.

Recipe #2: The ET Super Protein Pancake w/ Omega 3 and Spinach

. Same as above except, add spinach and Walnuts into the blender when mixing.

. Get all 4 ingredients well mixed.

. Fry and eat as normal.

Note:  Spinach is super green food.  Remember Popeye?  Walnuts are super rich in vitamins and Omega 3.  So eat it!

Recipe #3: The ET Super Protein Pancake Mix w/ Bananas

. Just add bananas to the mix.
Note:  Another idea is to blend the banana in a mixer and use it as a maple syrup alternative.  Sounds great huh!

Note:  As you can see, be creative and eat well.

Pictures below is a super pancake w/ Spinach, Walnut, Tofu, Egg Whites.

Super Protein Pancake 1-4
Super Protein Pancake 1-4
Super Protein Pancake 2-4
Super Protein Pancake 2-4
Super Protein Pancake 3-4
Super Protein Pancake 3-4
Super Protein Pancake 4-4
Super Protein Pancake 4-4

Some tabasco to add some heat…






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