UCLA Webmaster’s Can’t Spell

What’s wrong with the pages below.  Oddly I saw these banners on KissFM and couldn’t believe my eyes.  They spelled “Athletics”, “Atheletics”.  I thought it may have been done on purpose.. but why?  Must be a type..  I searched online and found their financial aid office made the same mistake.  But this time on their page title.

Saw this on 10/21/09 and 10/22/09.  Haven’t checked since.. I expect them to fix the error soon, but got a screen shot before it was replaced.

See Below:

UCLA Athletics Banner on Kiss FM (Atheletics??)
UCLA Athletics Banner on Kiss FM (Atheletics??)

UCLA Athletics Spelling Error Online (Atheletics??)
UCLA Athletics Spelling Error Online (Atheletics??)







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  1. Jackie Avatar

    A few years ago, our school’s Website had a button to click to go to the “Libary” page.
    This all drives me NUTS.

  2. Jackie Avatar

    From Yahoo.com section headed NYTimes > Movies. And it has been wrong for over 24 hours:

    Sabattical Done, Demi Moore Returns

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