Wiki Notes

The main files to edit are “LocalSettings.php” and “MonoBook.php” and “Main.css”

1. Domain\LocalSettings.php
* Add extensions here
* Set other site changes here
* add this:  $wgGroupPermissions[‘*’][‘edit’] = false;
* Enable image uploads:  $wgEnableUploads       = true;

2. Domain\extensions\
* Install extensions into this folder

3. Domain\PartNumber\skins
* MonoBook.php – | install google ads | Add google search | add google analytics | Put left include scripts
* Use notepad to edit this file.  Has issues w/ Frontpage.
* near the footer of the file is where you add some of the google scripts

4. Domain\skins\monobook
* main.css – | Control the width and color of the pages |

5. Skins/Common/Images
* Location of wiki.png file
This is your wiki logo file.  add this line to the LocalSettings.php file somewhere in the body.

$wgLogo             = “$wgStylePath/skins/common/images/wcf_logo.gif”;

6. Head Background image

7.  \includes\skin.php >> determines the link for the bottom right footer icon.
Locatoin:  /skins/common/images/poweredby.jpg

. fix link for bottom right footer icon
. update captcha code keys
. update favicon.ico
. update contact us php pages
. Update google analytics code

Notes about moving or upgrading the Wiki to a new server:
. Update your hosts file to point to the new server when going to the new wiki using your browser
. Add both wiki locations to your ftp, using the ip address to point to the proper media wiki server.
. Backup the mysql database from the prior server (using mysql administrator program)
. Download all the files of the website using ftp
. Download the newest wiki version from Mediawiki
. Upload the old backed up ftp wiki files to the new location or the new server.
. Upload the new version of media wiki, overwriting the old media wiki files using ftp.
. Create the new database of the wiki on the new server using the mysql administrator program
. Upload and /or import the backed up data into the newly created database.
. Make the config file of the wiki file writable, change the file format using ftp.
. Go type the URL for the new mediawiki and run the setup
. After enterting all the data for the setup, change the config file format back to unwritable and rename the file so it can’t be tampered with.
. Update the newly created LocalSettings.php file located in the ‘config’ folder.  Copy this file into the root of the website.
. Download the LocalSettings.php file onto your local computer, and edit the file using text editor.  Compare this file to the old LocalSettings.php file and make changes as necessary to make it match the old file.
. Download, update and compare the MonoBook.php file located in /skins folder
. Add this line to the LocalSettings.php file somewhere in the body.
$wgLogo             = “$wgStylePath/skins/common/images/wcf_logo.gif”;


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