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Ninja Tabi Socks - Authentic Ninja Wear

Ninja Tabi Socks – Authentic Ninja Wear

Starting at $11.95
w/ Free Shipping

Authentic Ninja Tabi Socks

Available in Black Only

100% Cotton. Authentic Ninja Gear, ideal for training, halloween, dojo use, or
personal wear. Available in black.

Features the split toe design. Great for those suffering from Athlete’s foot.
Sold in Pairs. Wear it with our Ninja Tabi boots or with your normal shoes. Be a
secret ninja underneath your Clark Kent outer apparel.

Designed following authentic Japanese Ninjitsu Apparel.
Ninja man.

Great to wear with Ninja Tabi Boots, regular shoes, or around
the house. Split toe design helps prevent Athlete’s foot and keep your
toe’s cooler

One Size Fits Most

Ninja Tabi shoes and Uniforms sold separately.

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Ninja Tabi Socks in Black.

Starting at $11.95 w/ Free Shipping

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