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If you’re spending time and money going to college w/ the intent of starting a small business, plan on NOT using most of what you learn; and your business degree will do practically nothing for you.  Read more...

Do I Need College?

SuperTalent    (STT)-Lifetime Warranty D31066    DDR3 1066MHz MEMORY 00010    W1066UA1GM    STT DDR3 1066 1G/128X8 MT CL7    $17.75 00019    W1066UA1GE    STT DDR3 1066 1G/128X8 EP CL7 00020    W1066UA1GS    STT DDR3-1066 1G/128X8 SAM CL7    $18.00 00022    W1066UA1GQ    STT DDR3 1066 1G/128X8 QI CL7    $17.50 00023    W1066UB1GE    STT DDR3 1066 1G/64MX8 ELP CL7 00030   […]

July 2009 – DDR3 Memory 1066Mhz